42nd Formosan Cup Softball Tournament


August 1 - August 3, 2015


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The success of the Formosan Cup can be largely attributed to the hard work of the volunteers within the organizing committee. Not only has the Formosan Cup become synonymous with competitive softball within every division it also symbolizes sportsmanship and fellowship among all that participate. Moreover, a lasting impression is left because of the hospitality of the volunteers and the high level of organization demonstrated with an event of this magnitude. Each year at the finale of the tournament emails pour in from team captains, umpires and the players congratulating the organizing committee on everything from the softball venues, the player lunches, the high level of professionalism and organization of all those involved with the tournament and usually ends with comments stating their eager anticipation of the next year’s edition of the Formosan Cup.

Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, and the reputation the tournament has developed among softball players and the Asian community, the Formosan Cup Softball Tournament has experienced tremendous growth over the years. Since 2004, the number of players participating in the Formosan Cup has doubled.

Fans and friends of the teams are drawn to the competitive softball as well as to the crowd pleasing home-run derby. Family and kids of the players and those from the neighbourhood can join the Kids event. The number of people participating in the Tournament is estimated to be more than 1,500, including more than 1000 fans/friends of participating teams.

Management Team


The tournament is organized by the Taiwanese Canadian Association of Toronto (TCAT), a not-for-profit organization, which has existed in Toronto for more than 50 years. The TCAT, the largest Taiwanese organization in the Toronto area, was established in 1963 and registered as a non-profit association in Ontario in 1975.

The main objectives of the TCAT are to promote the common interest and welfare of the members, to provide cultural and recreational activities for the Taiwanese community, and to better the intra-ethnic relations within the context of Canadian multiculturalism. The activities and services offered by the TCAT usually include community educational workshops, summer camps, sports, concerts, picnics, Canadian public affairs, and social events such as Lunar New year, Mother’s Day Celebration, Mid-Autumn Festival, etc.

The 2012 executives of the TCAT are Mr. Philip Wu, president, Mr. Jeffrey Chien, VP External, and Ms. Grace Buie, VP Internal. The Formosan Cup Division (FCD) of the TCAT, a pseudo independent division, organizes and executes all aspects of the Formosan Cup activities. Wayne Hong, Chair of the FCD, has been a long time participant and volunteer of Formosan Cup. This year the FCD has assembled an executive team of previous tournament participants in addition to the FCD advisors. The FCD team members bring years of experience managing, organizing, running and marketing the Formosan Cup Softball Tournament. The management team of the Formosan Cup is excited with the growth and is continually looking for opportunities to improve and expand the tournament.



The storied existence of the Formosan Cup dates back to 1974 with the inaugural Formosan Cup in Toronto with a handful of teams from Toronto, Waterloo, Syracuse, Buffalo, New York, Rochester, Detroit and East Lansing. It began as an exclusively Taiwanese Men’s tournament and this annual tradition kept has begun to flourish in recent years.

Today, the Formosan Cup is entering into its 40th year and is recognized as one of the premier softball events in all of North America. Not only has the Formosan Cup become a “can’t miss” event on the Toronto softball calendar, it has also become an integral family event with community leaders attending as well as other non-softball events being held throughout the weekend. Some of the extra-curricular events include the Sunday morning church service from all Taiwanese churches, the Kids Event, The TECO vs. TCAT friendly and the Appreciation Night Gala. The tournament is usually held during the Civic Holiday weekend at Milliken Mills Community Park in the town of Markham, which is regarded as Markham’s finest softball facilities.

The growth of the tournament has stretched past the Taiwanese community and extended to all Asian ethnicities and the number of participants have continually grown year over year with players ranging from all ages and skill levels.

Formosan Cup 2012


In 2012, the Formosan Cup once again exceeded expectations of all its participants as well as the organizing committee. We experienced a great tournament with new Champions crowned in each of our three divisions: Men’s Slo-pitch, Co-ed Slo-pitch, and Co-Ed 3-Pitch Recreational. We had 34 teams registered amongst the three divisions and approximately 500 players competing. In addition, we have had a steady increase in female participation since 2004.

2012 also marked the first year that we embarked on a new partnership with one of the three major governing bodies for Canadian Slo-Pitch activities, Slo-Pitch National (SPN). SPN is the largest of such organization as they regulate and sanction over 950 provincial qualifying tournaments each season across Canada. In addition, SPN affiliation also encompasses accidental and liability insurance coverage to all teams, players, coaches and umpires participating in the Formosan Cup. It was also with great honour that the Formosan Cup was nominated and won the SPN Tournament of the Year. This award was presented to the Formosan Cup Committee based on how effectively the tournament was organized overall, the great level of sportsmanship displayed by all teams and due to the dedicated volunteers that helped with the tournament operations during the weekend.